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You Benefits in Registration of Domains at ProfitServer
Exclusive prices in the most interesting regions
250 domain zones for any requests and budgets
Intuitive domain selection form + name generator
Convenient control panel with automatic invoicing and tens types of payment
Registration in the name of a customer with option of direct administration in future
Widespread information base and a dozen of mini-servers for the most convenient work
ProfitServer Domain Registration: What Should Customers Know?
Domain registration is the first step of any internet resource creation. Own domain name is necessary for:
Online shop
Virtual resource
Blog or forum
or any other website
Domain registration is often considered the second task.
What is the result?
It is extremely low website traffic and in many cases hurt to the company general image.
Spare no time in selecting suitable mane! If any difficulties arise during the problem solving, just call 8-800-300-800-9 or leave a call-back request.
Our specialist will contact you without delay and assist in choosing a domain zone with free name and, if necessary, render assistance in making payment.
3 Simple Steps for Domain Registration

There is everything necessary at our website. You shall not have to check the list of free addresses at an outside service or perform any other additional operations. Everything is maximally simple and logical:

Insert desirable website name
Check zones to search free addresses
Choose suitable domain
Домен в подарок
Gift Domain!
  • We gift you domain in .RU .РФ zone!
  • If payment is more than 2000 rub
More about the offer

5 Simple Tips to Domain Registration:
Search for a Beautiful Website Name at Knockdown Price


  1. Use concise names. Don’t chase after abbreviations – there are no short ones, and long ones are difficult to remember. Don’t use addresses with indubitable mistakes. Don’t add meaningless figures/letters to the mane. It is much better to use long address with hyphens if it is logic and written correctly, it will be good to remember.
  2. Look further popular domain zones.  A website in .ru or .com zone is good and upmarket. But it is not easy to find free domain with an adequate address here. Why do not you look at alternatives? For example, you can resister a domain in .рф zone for a business oriented to Moscow only (or Russia, it is not important).
  3. Indicate real data. This is, curiously enough, an economy instrument both of money and time. Access loss, disputable legal situations and plain will to resale the domain; all these cases require data of a real person.
  4. Keep in mind continuous growth of prices. Domain registration address costing little today will not obligatory cost the same in a month. It will be surely more expensive in a year or two. If you plan to maintain business for any long period, order address rental for a maximum period. In particular cases, the economy is calculated by thousands of percent under this approach.
  5. Follow special offers and discounts from ProfitServer! We make special offers of all sorts on a regular basis – it is an excellent way to save money and even get domain free of charge!
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