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Dedicated server rental by ProfitServer

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RAM (Gb)
RAID controller
IP adresses
The selected configuration and its cost Installation in 5 minutes
2 Gb
SATA 1000 GB
Installation cost - 0 usd
Ready configurations
The server is in a rack, is set up and ready to the order
59.85 usd/mon
Intel G1610T 2x2.30
ram 2 Gb
disk SATA 1000Gb
1 IPv4 + 5 IPv6
70.18 usd/mon
Intel G1610T 2x2.30
ram 4 Gb
disk SATA 2000Gb
1 IPv4 + 5 IPv6
71.85 usd/mon
Intel Xeon E3-1220 v2 3.10 GHz
ram 2Gb
disk SATA 1000Gb
1 IPv4 + 5 IPv6
88.63 usd/mon
Intel Xeon E3 1240 V2
ram 8 Gb
disk SATA 1000Gb
1 IPv4 + 5 IPv6
97.5 usd/mon
Intel G1610T 2x2.30
ram 16 Gb
disk SATA 2000Gb
1 IPv4 + 5 IPv6
104.32 usd/mon
Intel Xeon E3-1220 v2 3.10 GHz
ram 16Gb
disk SATA 1000Gb
1 IPv4 + 5 IPv6
131.07 usd/mon
HP ProLiant DL-160 G6, 2 CPU Xeon L5520
ram 16Gb
disk SATA 1000Gb
1 IPv4 + 5 IPv6
164.85 usd/mon
HP ProLiant DL-160 G6, 2 CPU Xeon X5650
ram 16Gb
disk SATA 1000Gb
1 IPv4 + 5 IPv6
The dedicated server is the best solution for really broad-scale projects. This type of hosting means undivided usage of physical processes, memory and drives by the user that opens the broadest possibilities for a webmaster:

  • Stable work at load peak hours + immunity against DDOS attacks;
  • No limitations to traffic, number of websites and etc.;
  • Ultimate flexible configuration with root-permissions;
  • An ability to create a series of own VPS/VDS;
  • The highest data protection level;
This is exactly what you need?
Excellent - You can choose one of the most popular configurations or contact our manager to discuss the details of individual orders
All these features represent the dedicated server rental as actually the only possible solution for:

Large portals
Websites with strict requirements to security
Corporate resources
Game servers of popular MMO
Services providing money transactions
… and websites with high traffic
The dedicated server may be also used for another purpose, we will not limit your activity in any legal direction, and if necessary, our specialists will assist you in resources adjustment and optimization.
Benefits of our servers
Benefits of our servers
Free of charge
base administration
Free of charge KVM
Full root
access to server
Uptime 99.8%
in current projects relocation

How to make an order for the dedicated server?


The order making process is simple to the greatest possible extent and consists only of three steps: registration, selection of optimal equipment and payment. An option not only to choose the capacities but also the place of their location is provided for user convenience.

Our main equipment is deployed on the basis of own Chelyabinsk-Signal DPC, however, if requested, you can rent the dedicated server in Moscow or other Russian cities as well as in Germany. Bulk orders under the partner program enable to offer the prices noticeably lower than the offers for average customers from these regions DPC

You can pay for the order by any of 11 means, in all cases the funds are credited almost immediately:

If any difficulties arise at any stage of selection of or payment for the dedicated server, just call 8-800-300-800-9 or fill the following feedback form. Our specialist will quickly try to find the most adequate solution to any difficulty.

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