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Month payment
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If payment for 3 years
3 Gb SSD
1.23 usd.
12.3 usd.
1.03 usd./mon.
2.46 usd. savings
22.14 usd.
0.62 usd./mon.
22.14 usd. savings
7 days free
10 Gb SSD
2.31 usd.
23.1 usd.
1.93 usd./mon.
4.62 usd. savings
41.58 usd.
1.16 usd./mon.
41.58 usd. savings
+ Free
7 days free
30 Gb SSD
3.85 usd.
38.5 usd.
3.21 usd./mon.
7.7 usd. savings
+ Free
69.3 usd.
1.93 usd./mon.
69.3 usd. savings
+ Free
7 days free
  • Dedicated IP
    1.03 usd./mon
  • SSL Comodo Positive
    7 usd./year
  • Domain .SPACE
    1.26 usd./year
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Advantages of our hosting
Unlimited traffic
No traffic volume restrictions or hidden fees
24/7 support
Our friendly professional team is online 24/7
Ensured uptime 99.9%
Our own data center ensures reliability
Free trial period
Try now for free and stay with us if you like it!
Assistance in website relocation
We carefully move your projects to us with advanced administration service
Fast server SSDs
We use only fast professional discs
We have been chosen by
Included in all plans
We are trusted by
While looking for a hosting service I limited my choice to the list of features: affordable, easy to use (in terms of installation and launch) and with good references from clients and partners. Well, ProfitServer checked them all! We deployed and installed everything within a minute. And the settings - they are so simple and intuitive, my grandma could handle it. The verdict - definitely recommended!
They provide good quality hosting services in the form of shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. To put it simply, no matter what type of hosting related services you need, the chances are excellent that ProfitServer will be able to provide them.
I like that ProfitServer.RU operates as a registered juridical entity in Russia. They also have their own head office and data center and all the contact information is available on their website. They are not hiding from their users and you can always phone them and ask what bothers you. I believe, thing like these characterize a company in the best way possible.
It is an honest and reliable company and you can see it from the first glance. They provide lots of high-quality services that are in demand nowadays. Anyway, my friends, if you look for a good and affordable hosting service or server machine, make sure you are signed up on Believe me, your websites will be safe and sound for ever.
I have more than 14 years of experience in Financial Markets, and I tried many VPS services. ProfirServers is the best service provider that I saw. They have best prices and excellent services and great support. High recommended to anyone that needs a great VPS, Host or Domain.
What are addresses of your NS servers on hosting?
We use the following names:
How to connect my domain to hosting?
You need to specify at your registrar of DNS server NS - and , or if you plan to use registrar’s NS servers to specify IP address of our server as an “А” record
Is it possible to use hosting for SPAM or CPU mining?
Mining and spam strictly prohibited. Service will be stoped automatically for investigation.
What is the hosting specification?
  Base 3Gb SSD Profi 10Gb SSD Guru 30Gb SSD
RAM 1024 1536 2048
CPU (exec process time) 120s 160s 200s
Mailbox 100Mb 100Mb 100Mb
Maximum process 40 60 100
User process 40 60 100
How to get free domain?

To get free domain .RU or .РФ please pay for hosting more than 35$ once. To get domain please write a message to support in the Control Panel

Is it possible to mass send mail from Shared Hosting?

We have some restricions of send mail function on shared hosting. For example it is not allowed to send more than 20 mail per hour. Also it is necessary to remember that shared hosting use shared IP`s to send mail. And we can not guarantee that your neighbors not making spam. 

We are fighting with spam but also we won`t to limit user freedom. Thats why you should use services like Mailchimp if you want to use mail sending function. Also you can order virtual VPS server and get personal IP to send mail. And there are no any restrictions on your server - it is fully yours.

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